Resources for BOLD Kids Parents

Teach your children about the Gospel at home

Hello, parents!

We are all in uncharted territory with the recent school closures, and measures being taken by all to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are continuing to trust in God's guidance and timing, as well as praying for all who are being impacted in any way. We would love to keep meeting to teach your children about Jesus and the Good News he brings, but for the time being we will be cancelling all Sunday and Wednesday night activities.

This does not mean that the learning has to stop! On this page you can find a few resources we enjoy that can help you and your children to continue growing and learning about God, the Bible, and everything else we talk about on Sundays and Wednesdays!

Easter Resources

The Gospel Project makes great resources for children's ministry, and has offered them free to anyone while churches are only allowed to do online services. Click the links below to find age-appropriate resources for your little ones.


Younger kids:

Older kids:

You can find a few more downloadable resources and videos that go along with the activities from The Gospel Project here:

We hope this can help you make Easter special for your children!

(*All resources linked here are supplied by Lifeway and The Gospel Project)

The Easter Story

Youtube Resources

Though we do suggest you closely monitor any internet access your kids may have, we still enjoy the following Youtube channels:

The Bible Project:

The Bible Project has plenty of videos worth watching. They explain each book, as well as Biblical concepts with fun animations. These videos may be more suitable for older children, and even adults!


These videos are longer in form, but are suitable for your younger children.

Group Publishing's Lifetree Kids:

On this channel you can find many of the songs that we have sung at VBS over the past couple of years and more!


Just as with our Youtube suggestions, we endorse the following resources as long as you are still able to monitor the internet and app use of your children.


Adventure Bible:

Sunday School Zone:


Bible for Kids: